Dealing with trauma online can be taxing. We live in a 24hr news cycle and more often than not, the news is not positive. To be honest, while dealing with yet another instance of police brutality with the death of Alton Sterling, I had to employ several of these strategies to find a place of peace. When dealing with trauma online, here are 5 tried and true ways to care for yourself.

1. Pray 

There’s been a lot of negative talk around this subject, but I think it’s essential. Whatever you believe, the opportunity to communicate with your Creator can be beneficial. For me, it’s everything. If it’s something you believe in, prayer can help you find the peace that you need to deal with what’s happening around you, whether it’s directly affecting you or not. Talking to God through prayer is important, but listening is just as, if not even more important. Whatever’s bothering you should be your request, and you should find solace in the stillness. Take time to really hear. Are you frustrated because you feel like you don’t know what to do? Ask God and let Him tell you how to move, or where you should be contributing.

2. Unplug.

We’re constantly connected. It’s a part of our culture. But when we’re faced with traumatic situations, whether it’s unstable political landscapes, terror attacks or police killings, it’s important to know that it is ok to unplug. Often times our silence is equated with indifference on social media, but in an effort to put your wellbeing first, know that taking a social break, is just fine, and necessary.

3. Read A Book 

There’s so much knowledge to be found outside of the internet. Books and periodicals contain so much information for you to dive into, and some of them, can even bring you some joy. Picking up a book can provide you with a little escapism, and getting away, even for a minute, can help you get back to a place of peace.

4. Eat well.

Food and drink are meant to nourish us. We need them to survive. Too often during traumatic experiences, we neglect our most basic needs! So sit, eat something that’s good for you… and do it without feeling badly.

5. Get Moving

Do you know that it’s scientifically proven that physical activity can make you feel better? When you move, your body releases endorphins, little triggers of happiness all throughout your body. I’m not saying you should go pump iron in the gym, but go take a walk, turn on some music and dance or just stretch it out. You’ll be surprised just how beneficial this can be!