I’ve started treating my birthday like a personal New Year. It’s an opportunity for me to reflect, re-focus, and show gratitude for the progression that’s been made over the course of the last year. In the months between turning 26 and turning 27 – so many things have occurred that set me up to be right where I am now, in a position to achieve some of the greatest things I’ve done thus far. I’ll be honest, at times, it felt like I wasn’t doing anything – and sometimes that was actually true. I battled through complacency and laziness so often that it became second nature to me – the beauty in that is that I now know how to clearly identify it before I get too far gone. It’s little things like that, which remind me that progress is not always on a grand scale. Sometimes progress may just be that one step forward when you’ve been so comfortable where you’ve always been. It could be that moment of self-actualization which flips the switch and lights the fire to get you out of that raggedy relationship you’ve been holding on to. It could be forgiving yourself for that mistake you made years ago, which produced the guilt that’s been holding you back from making your next move. It’s the little things that make up big things. I remembered this as I was reading Zechariah 4:10:

“Do not despise small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin…”

You have to start somewhere. If you don’t you’ll live a life unfulfilled – a purposeless life. That’s not what’s up. You might as well just quit. I mean don’t quit life – but quit doing things just to do them. Find your “WHY.”

It’s easy to forget how far you’ve come. That’s why I’m such a big proponent of journaling. Keeping tabs on where you’ve been is always the best way to come to an appreciation of where you are. That brings me back to 27. Throughout the time that I was 26, I wrote about being 26 in my journal (albeit infrequently, but I wrote.) I’ve been doing this for years now, and I make it a habit, around my birthday, to take time to read the things that I wrote – thank God for the victories, and even thank Him for removing some of the ignorance of my younger days. It be’s like that sometimes. I think that’s where we find the honesty and truth of our story – it’s in those times and moments when we are totally honest with ourselves, when we write our goals and our fears and our triumphs and our losses – that’s exactly where we can find our drive and motivation for ourselves to push passed any doubt and fear that we might have. For me 26 was a year of set-ups. I was powering through my first year as an educator at a school that others were running away from. I was dealing with improving my financial situation after not having a full time job for a while. I was trying to establish myself as an adult, although for all intents and purposes, I still felt very childlike. Now as I look back on my year – I realize that a lot of the things that I have been working towards throughout my 20’s are going to come to fruition in this year. I don’t believe in coincidence. It’s the 7th year of my 20’s – a year of completion – which means the build up is about to show it’s reward. Now, let me be clear. I’m not saying I’m anywhere near done – because I’m not – I’m just saying that the things that I’ve been working toward of late are about to come together. This season of promises are about to be revealed.

And I’m ready.

I’m sharing this as a word of encouragement from me to you. It may not look like a lot right now, but if you’re living ON PURPOSE, everything that you’re doing right now is building you up and preparing you to get what it is that you’ve been working toward. Don’t let the social media perspective fool you into believing that everyone has it all together. We don’t. It’s an illusion. We all struggle – no road to anything great is ever easily traveled. So here is to my 27, and to your whatever age… let’s toast